Interview (Rejected 04)

MY interview experience , I was well prepared . but i never expected some question were asked . I am gonna apply again . If the same officer takes interview what should i say ? any suggestion ? Idea ? and i am pretty sure that same officer is gonna take my interview . as there were only 2 counters.

Status : Rejected.

My feelings : Shocked .Because i was asked strange question .

MBA in IAU(f1)

Vo: how did you get to know this university ?

me: Form internet.

Vo: WHy this university ?

ME: told.

Vo:When was this accredited ?

Me: Shocked . (in my mind – what kind of question is it?) answered 2019 .

Vo: it didnt even exist in that time.

Me: sorry i dont know then.

Vo: what is the graduation rate of this university ?

Me: i don’t know.

in my i-20 it was 40k dollars in personal fund . so vo saw it and asked for my bank statement. i gave her.

Vo: how can your expense and your bank statement be same ?

Me: it not same actually , in 2 years i my tuition fees is almost 12k usd .

Vo: its so surprising that you bank statement and the expenses are same.

(I could not make her understand that in my personal fund the amount i have and the tuition fees both are different.)

Then she closed the window . and typed something and gave me 21b rejection letter .

Me: mam, let me explain the situation.

Vo: This is the end of your interview . you cant say something today anymore. you are ineligible for the visa.

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