interview 08 (Approved)



Ssc 2017 Gpa 4.25

Hsc 2019 Gpa 4.31

Duolingo -115

Status – approved√√

University – Minnesota state University.

Subject -BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Document carry- passport, Appointment confirmation,sevis fee slip. ds 160 form.ssc, hsc certificate marksheet. Business trade license,tin certificate, bank statement.

Date- 07/06/2022

Interview Time 1.30

Interview Start- around 1.46

Counter number – 4

Me – Hello Sir Good Afternoon

Vo – no reply.pass me your passport and i20

Me- Sure, here it is (loudly)

Vo- Have you ever been usa?

Me- no sir

Vo- Have you ever travel any other country

Me – yes sir – i travel to dubai.

Vo- impressive😀 so why you travel dubai? Was it for any country embassy face purposes?

Me- no sir, i travel dubai with my family for tourism purpose.

Then he watched my i 20 around 1 minute –

Vo – After watched my i20 he said

So Why, Minnesota state University

Me – Well,Its a public and research base University That I really want to go. There bba Department has good reputation in midwest then he stopped me and said okay.

Vo – are you married?

Me – no sir

Vo – Who is your sponsor.

Me – My beloved father.

Vo What does he do?

Me -He is a businessman.

Vo- What kind of business?

Me – ( Told)

Vo – okay what is his income.

Me – sir yearly or monthly

Vo- as your wish

Me – sir yearly 100 thousand to 110 thousand usd.

Vo great. Do you have any Bank statement?

Me – yes sir. Here it is ( then typing around 20 second)then said

Congratulations I am going to approve your visa.

Then ar ki bolce ami shuni e nai eto kusi chilam.

Me- Thank you sir, you made my day❤️

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