Interview 07 (Approved)

Interview Experience 🥰

Date :28 July

counter number:08

VO: A white middle age guy with red shining hear.

visa status : Approved (Alhamdulillah)

He approved 4 students in front of me and I was surprised what happening here🥰but still nervous I could be the rejected person.

Me: Good afternoon Officer (very Loudly)

VO: Hey.Good afternoon. how’s going on?

Me: I’m feeling well.

vo:pass me your passport and I20


vo:which University you are going?

me:University of……….

Vo:why you choose this University?

me:well, this one is top knotch University in USA and has a great reputation on science programme. most importantly the diversity of this unibersity is huge and I will be able to communities with different people from different culture which will help me in my future career.

vo:how many University you have applied?

me:well Officer I applied 5 University (with big smile).said all 5 Universities name and how many I got i20.

vo:did you travelled anywere?

me:Yes I did in india tow times approximately 1 and half years was family trip and another with one of my best friend.

vo:who is your sponsor?

me:It’s my Dad.

vo:how he will bare this huge expense?

me:well,my father…………………… (Business explained)

vo:how many…….. he sell?

me:sir,It’s annually or monthly?

vo:you can say annually.

me: I said.

vo:wonderful. so why you didn’t travel so many country?

me:actually Officer my father did not even allow me to travel one state to another without a security as I’m his only It’s impossible to allow to go different countries now.

vo:America is far away so how he allow you?

me:well my father knows about American security and he always appreciate me to study such country.

vo:which airport you are gonna land?

me: said the airport i20 mentioned to land.

Vo:fine,I’m approving your visa you can collect your passport within 2 week.make sure you bring your i20 on both collection and airport pass. Here is your i20 back and I’m keeping your passport oky?

Me:thanks Officer. Thank you so much.🥰

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