Interview 06 (Approved)

Interview experience

3rd August

Dress: Formal (personal recommended)

Officer: White guy, round shape face

Program: Social work

University: Ferris state university

Status: Approved

Vo: hello ,good afternoon (loudly)

Me: hi officer, good afternoon

Vo: pass me your passport and i20(ferris state university)

Me: here it is

Vo: how many universities did you apply

Me: i have applied into three universities

Vo:what are they?

Me: Ferris state university, university of Nebraska, (i took few seconds before saying the last one) wayne state university

Vo: where is wayne state university?

Me: it’s in Michigan, Detroit(i was mumbling)

Vo:are you nervous?

Me: yes sir, little bit

Vo: who is your sponser?

Me: it’s my father

Vo: what does he do?

Me: told about my father’s business

Vo:do you have any bank statement?

Me: yes sir, here it is

Vo:did your father travel to any country?

Me: my father loves to travel and he has visited in several countries for travelling as well as business purposes

Vo: how many employees? (I couldn’t hear)

Me: I couldn’t catch you sir

Vo: employee! Employee!

Me : I don’t know the exact figure sir (was about to say the figure)

Vo: rough idea?

Me: it’s over 1 thousand

Vo: ohh! That’s huge ,

ok I’m approving your visa

Me: thank you so much sir (with big smile)

Always keep eye contract with vo and speak naturally (not memorized)

Practice before interview with experienced one

Best of luck ✌️

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