Interview 03 (Rejected)


Visa status – Refused

Interview Date – 26 September, 2022

University – Trine University

Program – Engineering management

Appointment time – 1.15

Counter number – 7

Interview –

Me : Hello, good afternoon sir

VO : Hello, Pass me your I-20 and passport

Me : Here it is sir

VO : When did you completed your bachelor?

Me : I completed my graduation in 2018 from Leading University

VO : Who will pay for you?

Me : My father will pay my tuition fees and living expenses

VO : What does he do?

Me : My father is a successful businessman in Al Ain, Dubai.

VO : Where? [Shocked]

Me : Al Ain, Dubai

VO : What is his business?

Me : He has a perfumery shop. Our shop name is _____. Where he sells different kinds of fragrances such as Agor, Oudh, Bakhor, Saffran. Do you want to see his trade license?

VO : Please

Me : Provided [He was satisfied and he was typing something]

Me : Do you want to see last two months bank statements of shop?

VO : Please [satisfied]

Me : Provided

Me : Do you want to see his visiting card?

VO : No [He was typing something]. When he went to Dubai?

Me : Our shop was established in 1985 by my grandfather. Then my father went there in 1991 after that he took over the responsibilities of our shop.

VO : What’s your future plan?

Me : After completing my study I will join my father’s business

VO : Why don’t you study in Dubai?

Me : Education system of USA is more discipline, flexible, parcital and assignment based. Moreover, US has excellent support system for international student and their degrees are internationally valued and recognised. Their faculties are helpful, encouraging, supportive for international student. America’s education system is better than Dubai. Also in Dubai English language is not available in every institutes. But in my father’s shop, I have to meet with different culture of people. so, if I took my degree from America, where I can meet with different culture of people from different countries and I can gain experiences also I will make my English proficiency better and from this degree I will learn about management, and public speaking, which will be helpful for me

VO : What does your mother do?

Me : She is housewife

VO : What do your siblings do?

Me : I have two younger brothers. One of them recently passed HSC and another one studying class 9

VO : [typing something] [sunddenly he asked] Your mother has f4 application?

Me : Yes

VO : Who applied for her?

Me : My aunt

VO : Sorry, in this case I can’t approve your visa

Me : I want to go US as a student sir. After my study I will return from US and I will take over my father’s business. It is not relevant to my mother’s f4 application

VO : [typing something] am coming please wait 2 minutes. [and he went to discuss with another person]

VO : [after 3/4 minutes he came then he typed something for 3/4 mins] Sorry, I can’t approve your visa.

My Profile-

[study gap 4 years]

Bachelor in CSE

CGPA: 3.16/4.00

Duolingo: 145 [Literacy: 150 Literacy, Comprehension: 150, Conversation: 130, Production: 130]

Please suggest me, May I try for 2nd attempt?

যদি আমি ২য় বার চেষ্টা করি তাহলে আমার কি বদলানো উচিত? আর এই প্রোফাইল দিয়ে কি কোনো স্টেট/পাবলিক ইউনিভার্সিটি থেকে I-20 আনা যাবে? আর যদি যায় তাহলে কোনটা থেকে কম সময়ের মধ্যে পসিবল? ১ম বার এজেন্সির মাধ্যমে কাজ করিয়েছিলাম, এবার যদি করি তাহলে নিজে করবো। এজন্য আপনাদের সাহায্যের আশা করছি কারণ এ বিষয়ে ধারনা নাই বললেই চলে।





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