Interview 03 (Approved)



Interview date:19/05/2022


Program: Computer Science

Me: Good Afternoon, Sir.

VO: Pass your passport and I20(Did not reply me greetings).

Me: Here they are.(Passed passport and I20 confidently)

VO: Which universities you applied?

Me: Told 2 universities names I applied to.

VO: Why did you choose this university?

Me: Told the university’s unique facilities(researched from university official website),reputations, practical sides, worldwide ranking.

VO: What is the another university you mentioned earlier?

Me: Told another university name and its location.

VO: I know that place. Okay,why this program?

Me: Well,I choosed Computer Science because…..(All positive sides of technology and computer,demand of computer worldwide and in Bangladesh,availability of high ranking jobs in Bangladesh after graduation from this course)

VO: Who is your sponsor?

Me: It’s my father(smiled)

VO:What he does?

Me: Told about father’s business(Told confidently about business details,market value,demand,and amount of supplies he does annually)

P.S. My father does business connected to stones.

VO: What is stones used for?

Me: Told its necessity and uses.

VO: How many workers?

Me: Told(range from 300-400 including employees and workers)

VO: What your mother does?

Me: She is a homemaker,sir.She looks after our family.

VO:Won’t they be upset if you go away?(with a smile)

Me: Sir,I will return after 4-5 years pursuing graduation,so it is not a big deal.Plus, they also inspire me for higher degree in abroad.( Answered with a smile)

VO: (Kept passport). Collect it from VFS

Me: Thank you sir(smiled).

Some Advice:

1.Everyone should maintain eye contact and be confident.

2. Always be convincivlng that you will return.

3. Donot express your fear although being scared is normal.

4. Applicant infront of you may get rejected,donot lose hope seeing that.

5.Always remember Allah is always with you,what HE does,does good for you,so remember HIM more often.

Last but not the least,pray for me.😇

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