Interview 02 (Rejected)

*Interview Experience*

Status – Rejected 🤗

Intended Program – MSc in Industrial Management at Gannon University

Sponsor : Mother

Visa Interview Date- 29th July at 8.30 AM

Interview Started at around 8.35 AM

Main Interview Counter – 06

After all 5 steps from checking Interview confirmation to taking fingers Prints. A beautiful young lady was sit there.

*Final Interview*

Me- Hello Officer, Good Morning. How are you.

VO- She replied me with beautiful smile, Doing Great. What about you?

ME – I’m fine.

VO – Pass me your passport and I-20.

Me: Here they are.

VO- Ok, why do you choose Gannon University?

ME- actually my colleague admitted there in last semister in MBA, he referred me at first. Most importantly the subject i have chosen is related to my bachelor and job subject which is not offer in our country yet, after simultaneous research i concluded this university is best for me.

VO- Do you have wife and child?

ME- yes, i have.

VO- Are they going with you?

Me- No, because there i-20 came delayed so i did not get at a time interview, so they will face on January.

VO – How will you bear your cost?

Me- My mother will bear the cost as she is running our hotel which she got the ownership after my father’s demise. Morever, my company approved me leave with pay so it will be the added advantage for me if i face any kind of difficulties but im sure it will not require.

VO- How much earning monthly of your mother?

Me – $4500-$5000

VO- is it profit?

Me- Yes.

I was pretty much sure im getting the visa and suddenly VO got out of the sit and talked with that popular Bald VO in counter 5 and came. And i assumed some revolting question coming to me.

VO – How much room in your hotel?

Me- (i think that time i made blunder). 34 rooms, where 20 is always occupied and rest are vacant but in season they are fully occupied. (I think i need to say at least 150 rooms).

VO – Sorry i cannot approve your visa under section 214.

Me- ok, thank you. Will see you again next time with smile.

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