Interview 02 (Approved)

F1 Visa Interview Experience of me 😊

Date: 19th April 2022

Time: 1.15 pm

Counter no: 11

Duration: 6-8minutes

Status: ✅Approved (Alhamdulillah)

With : MOI (without IELTS)

International American university (IAU)

Major: Management

Me: Good noon sir!

VO: yeah good noon

VO: Pass me your i20 and passport

Me: Here you go (with a sharp voice)

VO: Did you travel any country?

Me : No

VO: Who is going to sponsor you?

Me: My father is my financial sponsor and he is going to bear all of my expenses like tuition fees, accommodation etc

VO: What does he do?

Me: Well he is a successful businessman. (I describe )

VO: Does he travel to any country?

Me: Yeah he visited several countries in multiple times like Saudi Arab, China, and India.

VO: What’s your future plan?

Me: AmTo be very honest with you, I have a great plan in my mind. As I am majoring in management. so in the future, I would like to join my father’s business.

VO: your class starts on the 2nd of May. Now April 19th. How you will manage this?

Me : I will a apply for the late arrival sir.

VO : are you sure?

Me : I will do this in shah Allah.

VO: Great (with a smile). I am approving your visa .

Collect your passport within 2 weeks.

Me: Thank you.

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