Interview 01 (Rejected)


Visa Interview: 24 October (emergency)

Status: Rejected

Time: 13.30

Counter: 08

University: Purdue University Northwest.(January intake)

ME: Good afternoon sir, how are you ?

VO: Fine. (He didn’t give good vibes) Pass your passport and I-20.

Me: here you go.

VO: why did you choose Computer science?

ME: sir, basically I am interested in things like software and hardware. It is the most popular branch of engineering. Also it is one of the most visible industries in the world today.there are so many success stories of people who choosed this major.( He stopped me while saying the last sentence)

VO: What are your courses?

ME: the modules in computer science are (blah blah blah)

VO: What do you have to do if you want to graduate from this university? ( I’m confused about this question, I couldn’t hear this properly even though he repeated the question )

ME: I have to study attentively.

VO: Do you have any brother or sister?

ME: Yes sir. I have one elder brother

VO: is he doing business or what?

Me: he is currently studying at the North south university.

VO: did you take IELTS test?

Me: yes sir, I took IELTS test and I got an overall score of 6.5.

VO: How will you pay your tuition fees and expenses?

Me: As my father is sponsoring me. My father is going to pay all of my expenses.

VO: What does he do?

Me: He is a businessman. He has his own business of Automatic bricks and ceramics.

VO: what?? Ceramics?

Me: yes sir.

VO: what does he make? Is it like home decorating things?

Me: yes sir, like jars and other goods. Actually home decorating items.

VO: How many workers are there?

ME: there are like 100-120 workers.

VO: then he took some time and said okay sorry I am refusing your visa, here you can see the reason.

(Amar questions shunte onek problem hocchilo, VO sarakkhon computer screen e takai chilo and type kortesilo barbar. Jar jonne comfortable hoie kono answer dite parini.

Vabtesi Abar interview er Jonno appointment nibo November e. Visa paoar possibility kemon second time e? Amar ki ki change or improvement Korte Hobe? University change kore Wright state university nie darabo and India visit kore ashbo interview er age.

R ki ki improvement dorkar? I was over confident,jar jonne hoito ba reject khaisi)

I need help!!!!!

My profile: SSC HSC: GPA 5

IELTS: 6.5

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