Interview 01 (Approved)

My Visa Interview Experience.

Date: 15th, September, 2022

Location: Dhaka

Subject: MSc. in Cyber Security with an emphasis in Data Analytic.

A mid-aged very nice curly blond hair woman.

VO: Please come forward.

Me: Good Afternoon officer. How are you doing today?

VO: Good Afternoon. Pass me your passport eand I-20.

Me: Sure ma’am. Here it is.

VO: So why this university?

ME: told about that.

VO: How many Universities did you apply to?

Me: Pace University, Webster University and California State University, San Bernardino. (PS: I got acceptance from all but I choose webster because the cost is feasible for me and the program courses are really good.)

VO: Alright, who is sponsoring you?

Me: My parents are sponsoring me while I am going to study Webster. They have their save of XXX dollars, which is only for my study purpose. And as I am doing a job for around 3 years I have my personal savings which are worth XXX dollars.

VO: What’s your father doing?

Me: told about his occupation, annual income, and assets value.

VO: did you travel before?

Me: No.

VO: Do you have any friends in the USA?

Me: Yes, I have friends and juniors who are currently living in USA. ( PS: If you have then don’t lie. )

VO: how many countries did your father travel to?

Me: My father traveled 4 times to the UK.

Then she was thinking and typing something. Then finally, she uttered alright I am approving your visa. Good luck!

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