1. Why do you want to go to USA?

2. Why you have chosen USA? Or why have you decided to study in USA?

3. Why not in other countries or Bangladesh?

4. How many Universities have you applied?

5. How many acceptances have you received?

6. How did you apply to these Universities?

7. Why have you select this University?

8. Whether this program is available in Bangladesh or not?

9. Who is your sponsor or who will bear your expense?

10. What are they doing?

11. How much they are earning or what is the income?

12. Why are they sponsoring you?

13. Do you think spending this much money is worth?

14. What is the benefit of your sponsor in sponsoring you?

15. How will you repay this amount to your sponsor?

16. Do you have any brother/sister?

17. When did you complete your graduation/12th?

18. If any gaps after your last study then, why have you decided now?

19. If working then, Why do you want to leave your job?

20. What is your Bank Balance?

21. How much funds do you have?

22. How did you manage this Bank Balance?

23. Why this amount is deposited recently?

24. What is your future plan or What is your goal?

25. What is the guarantee you will come back to India or why do you want to come back Bangladesh?

26. If the score is less then why so less score?

27. Will you work there?

28. Where will you stay in USA and who will come to pick you up?

29. What is your goal?

30. Do you have any relatives in USA?

If yes then what are they doing and on what visa they are there?

31. Have you visited any other country?

If yes then why and when?

32. Why should I grant your visa?

33.who provided i20? Do you know your University Professor name?

34.which modules you will study in BBA/MBA?

35.if you have travel history Please explain?

36.what Does your mother do?and explain your family members?

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