Interview 05 (Rejected)

interview experience Date-18th may Programme -bachelor of science Academic qualification -SSC-2017-4.34 HSC-2019-4.15 IELTS -7(no less than 6.5) Counter-01 Status-Rejected(under214b) University -campellsville University Scholarship -$18,800 Vo-please pass your i20 and passport Me-good afternoon sir,here is my passport and i20 Vo-are you going to campellsville University Me-yes sir Vo-how did find out about this University Me-when i … Read more

Interview (Rejected 04)

MY interview experience , I was well prepared . but i never expected some question were asked . I am gonna apply again . If the same officer takes interview what should i say ? any suggestion ? Idea ? and i am pretty sure that same officer is gonna take my interview . as … Read more

Interview 03 (Rejected)

#visainterviewexperience Visa status – Refused Interview Date – 26 September, 2022 University – Trine University Program – Engineering management Appointment time – 1.15 Counter number – 7 Interview – Me : Hello, good afternoon sir VO : Hello, Pass me your I-20 and passport Me : Here it is sir VO : When did you … Read more

Interview 01 (Rejected)

VISA INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE Visa Interview: 24 October (emergency) Status: Rejected Time: 13.30 Counter: 08 University: Purdue University Northwest.(January intake) ME: Good afternoon sir, how are you ? VO: Fine. (He didn’t give good vibes) Pass your passport and I-20. Me: here you go. VO: why did you choose Computer science? ME: sir, basically I am … Read more

Interview 02 (Rejected)

*Interview Experience* Status – Rejected Intended Program – MSc in Industrial Management at Gannon University Sponsor : Mother Visa Interview Date- 29th July at 8.30 AM Interview Started at around 8.35 AM Main Interview Counter – 06 After all 5 steps from checking Interview confirmation to taking fingers Prints. A beautiful young lady was sit … Read more