interview 08 (Approved)

#Interview_Experienced Profile- Ssc 2017 Gpa 4.25 Hsc 2019 Gpa 4.31 Duolingo -115 Status – approved√√ University – Minnesota state University. Subject -BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) Document carry- passport, Appointment confirmation,sevis fee slip. ds 160 form.ssc, hsc certificate marksheet. Business trade license,tin certificate, bank statement. Date- 07/06/2022 Interview Time 1.30 Interview Start- around 1.46 Counter … Read more

Interview 07 (Approved)

Interview Experience Date :28 July counter number:08 VO: A white middle age guy with red shining hear. visa status : Approved (Alhamdulillah) He approved 4 students in front of me and I was surprised what happening herebut still nervous I could be the rejected person. Me: Good afternoon Officer (very Loudly) VO: Hey.Good afternoon. how’s … Read more

Interview 06 (Approved)

Interview experience 3rd August Dress: Formal (personal recommended) Officer: White guy, round shape face Program: Social work University: Ferris state university Status: Approved Vo: hello ,good afternoon (loudly) Me: hi officer, good afternoon Vo: pass me your passport and i20(ferris state university) Me: here it is Vo: how many universities did you apply Me: i … Read more

Interview 05 (Approved)

Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! VISA INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE Visa Type: F1 Intended University: University of New Haven Intended Program: Ms. in Business Analytics (STEM) Intended Term of Entry: Fall 2022 Funding Details: Self-Funded with 30% Dean Scholarship ______________________________________________________________ Interview Date: June 20, 2022 Visa Status: Approved CEAC Status: Issued (June 21, 2022) Passport Received: June 23, 2022 … Read more

Interview 04 (Approved)

Collected ★★★ F-1 & F-2 Visa Interview Experience #Collected Date: 13th April, 2022 Time: 1.15 pm Counter no: 11 Duration: 5-6 minutes Status: Approved Duolingo: 135 Work experience: 5+ years (Administrative Job) Background: MBA-2017 BBA-2016 International Business Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka. University, Program & Intake: Wright State University MS in Marketing Analytics … Read more

Interview 03 (Approved)

#Visa_Interview_Experience Type:F1 Interview date:19/05/2022 Status:Issued(Alhamdulillah) Program: Computer Science Me: Good Afternoon, Sir. VO: Pass your passport and I20(Did not reply me greetings). Me: Here they are.(Passed passport and I20 confidently) VO: Which universities you applied? Me: Told 2 universities names I applied to. VO: Why did you choose this university? Me: Told the university’s unique … Read more

Interview 02 (Approved)

F1 Visa Interview Experience of me Date: 19th April 2022 Time: 1.15 pm Counter no: 11 Duration: 6-8minutes Status: Approved (Alhamdulillah) With : MOI (without IELTS) International American university (IAU) Major: Management Me: Good noon sir! VO: yeah good noon VO: Pass me your i20 and passport Me: Here you go (with a sharp voice) … Read more

Interview 01 (Approved)

My Visa Interview Experience. Date: 15th, September, 2022 Location: Dhaka Subject: MSc. in Cyber Security with an emphasis in Data Analytic. A mid-aged very nice curly blond hair woman. VO: Please come forward. Me: Good Afternoon officer. How are you doing today? VO: Good Afternoon. Pass me your passport eand I-20. Me: Sure ma’am. Here … Read more